Controlling Nature in Photographs

Nature doesn't always play fair when it comes to photoshoots. Twilight shoots get rained on, overcast kills the happy mood of a kitchen or in this case, daylight flooded this basement bar and seating area by DreamSpace Interiors, killing the luxurious mood I really wanted for the photos. These are things that are out of both the photographer's and client's control most of the time. So how do we get around it? 

There are plenty of ways to deal with adverse weather and natural conditions out of our control. Sky replacements can bring interest to an otherwise dull view, artificial lighting can replace the sun that's hiding behind the clouds, and in this case, creating a dark room by taping off the windows solved my problem with the daylight in the basement. I just wanted to give a brief overview of the solution I came up with, and how dramatic of a difference it made by simply controlling the seemingly uncontrollable. 

Below is a view of the basement as it was when I walked in. There were pretty large windows behind me facing the backyard, and they allowed a ton of natural light to spill into the scene, and cast a cold blue tone against the wood... not pretty. 

Using garbage bags and some masking tape I blocked all the natural light spilling in from outside. Here's a shot where I was in the process of taping up the windows and the door to the backyard (back right). 

Simply blocking off the windows gave the basement an evening feeling, perfect for showing off the ambient lighting and for adding my own additional light. Here's the bar and seating area after taping off the windows and adding in my own lighting.