Elevated Photography

Using an elevated tripod and a wirelessly tethered camera, shooting from up to 24 feet high is now a possibility! Unlike a drone, twilight shoots can be done with it and it can be set up where drones normally have trouble operating, such as tight downtown streets, crowded areas or even indoors.  

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The photo above was taken only 10-15 feet up, but it's enough to put the house and the camera on the same level,  creating an image that showcases the layout of the space and its surroundings. 

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The above image would not have been possible without the full extent of the 24ft tripod. The height shows off the back of the house as well as the surroundings and wrap-around deck which weren't visible from ground level. 

calgary architectural photographer eymeric widling real estate

Properties that have hills or slopes are better represented with the elevated tripod. The above home could not have been captured with the entire yard in one picture had it not been taken from 15-20 ft up in the air.