DIY Button String Envelopes

I've been spending a little bit of my free time lately coming up with some some new branding and marketing materials. I just wanted to share the latest creation I made to deliver images in physical format when DropBox or Google Drive just don't cut it . This small DIY button string envelope is perfect for a small USB drive and a business card. I wanted to stay away from bulky boxes or CD cases so I decided to follow my magazine marketing package (which I'll post about soon I promise!) and stick with a classic black envelope. The button and string were added to keep the look consistent with my other materials and to personalize the project a bit. 

The classic black envelope and button string are timeless and simple. Since the business card and USB drive are both white it makes a nice contrast to have black packaging. 

Inside, the bottom half holds the USB drive or other device. 

The business card snaps into the two cuts in the envelope holding it in place.